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Machine Design Services

Mechanics that investigate the behavior of structures under mechanical load, such as bending of a beam, buckling of a column, torsion of a shaft, deflection of a thin shell and vibration, following are CORSYS strengths

CAD Design

Utilizing Computer-Aided Design software to create 3-dimensional model of intricate structures to be used in different respective fields and bring ideas to the digital realm.

3D Modeling

Designing and building of different 3d models accordingly to the client specifications.

3D printing

Additive process of producing complex shapes and designs utilizing most of the material while bringing your CAD Design into reality.

CNC Engraving & Cutting

Cutting of 3D shapes from numerous materials such as wood, plastic etc with high level of precision.

Lazer Engraving & Cutting

Using high precision laser of high intensity for cutting of high strength materials such as Steel, Copper, Aluminum etc

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Simulation of physical conditions using numerical mathematics (FEM) and simulation software to perform structural testing virtually.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Mathematically modeling of physical phenomenon’s involving fluid flow and solving them utilizing computational prowess.

Thermal Stress Analysis

A subset of FEA which utilizes heat transfer analysis done on a structure and further used for interpreting the stability against different heat gradients

Real Time Simulations

Carrying out simulations in dynamic systems which are time variable and produce real-time practical results under different environments.

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