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At Corsys, we develop, design innovative and creative products and services that provide total communication and information solutions. Among a plethora of services, Embedded systems, Drone development, Machine design, Application development, Game development, we aim to Satisfy our clients around the globe with the quality of our work. As a leader in technology exploration, Corsys is committed to exporting quality engineering skills worldwide.

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Drone Development and services


We here at Corsys carry out a wide range of UAVs (Fixed Wing & MultiRotors) alongside their handling panels. We make sure of the engineering parameters while designing our systems along with the material properties and advancements of the technology in the respective field.

Embeded Systems


Typical control of physical operations and runtime computing, firmware development, optimizations, and simplification of a complex system with a general-purpose solution. Corsys offers state-of-the-art embedded systems from software to hardware design and deployment of the system.

Corsys Home Services
Corsys Home Services



Mechanics that investigate the behavior of structures under mechanical load, such as bending of a beam, buckling of a column, torsion of a shaft, deflection of a thin shell, and vibration. CAD Design, 3D printing, CNC, Lazer structural analysis, and fabrication skills are Corsys strength.

Application development


Off-the-shelf we customize software specific for business requirements, We use the Rapid Application Development model that runs on Android and iOS mobile platforms. Database applications are designed to collect, organize and manage data of IoT devices.

Application Development
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Game development


The Prime Focus is on developing AA & AAA games. We as a team our highly trained professionals and passionate game developers, designers, 2D & 3D artists, 2D & 3D Animators, Game UI/UX designers, Front  End Programmers, and Back-End Programmers.


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Corsys believe in providing excellence. We have our team of trained professionals who will work for you as per your requirements. Over the year we have collaborated with many clients and are willing to have more clients with us on the board. We wish all our clients a Happy Experience!

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Embedded Systems
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